Picture Books

Auf der Baustelle ist was los!

Life’s a Riot at the Construction Site!

On seven huge double pages young children can discover what happens during a normal day at a construction site. On top of this, they are hot on Benny Badger’s trail ...

Verrückte Welt

Mad World

A mouse chasing a cat, a polar bear in the jungle, a hare shooting a huntsman, a man who retrieves a stick for his dog, a bank director taking alms ...

Ich groß, du klein

Me tall – you small

You mine, me thine The big weasel has a little weasel kid. In witty word pairs and hilarious pictures the book illustrates the differences between grown-ups and children – and ...


Me You He She – We!

After Me tall – you small the story continues the way it does in many families. The great love (see You and I, the two of us) leads to the ...


Mikropolis [Engl.]

Even in the tiny world of insects, city-life differs from life in the country. It is more dangerous and exciting and definitely not everyinsect's cup of tea. Especially not Melodies, ...

Der Käptn und die Mimi Kätt

Mimi Kätt and the Captain: A Winter Fairy Tale

So cold! And so much snow! Mimi Kätt, a snow-white lady cat who is young at heart, doesn’t feel like leaving her flat at all. But then she discovers an ...


Mulgheta [Engl.]

A day in the life of a blind football player Mulgheta is not only a football player, but also a fitness trainer and masseur. But above all, artists of living. ...


My magical Tree House

A fanstastic Leporello! A little boy comes home from school and climbs up the stairs to his parents' apartment. The desolate grey of the tenement house becomes in his imagination ...

Eines Abends im Winter

One Night in Winter

What could be better during wintertime than to read stories and sing songs? This is just what Esther Kinsky thought, and she created the fitting book accompanied by a CD. ...

Pauls Glück

Paul’s Happiness

Paul, a little raven, cannot leave his nest because his wings are too short. So he sadly watches while his brothers and sisters take wing and dreams about those penguins ...

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