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Mit 70 hat man noch Träume

A Dream come true

The best-selling author and photographer gave herself a wonderful present for her 70th birthday: A 3 month-trip on her own through Southern Europe in her red car, that also served ...

Kurze Geschichte Klassische Musik

A Short History of Classical Music

Today the compositions of European composers, from Bach via Händel down to Richard Strauss, are played all over the world. In this book, Ingo Harden, one of the best experts ...

Kurze Geschichte Entstehung des Christentums

A Short History of Early Christianity

Committed Christians consider the first two centuries of "early Christianity" as a particularly "pure" form of Christianity, unspoilt by the constrictions of an institutionalized church. But this particular brand of ...

Kurze Geschichte Europas

A Short History of Europe

The geographic concept of Europe is defined by the area covered by the European community of nations in the early modern epoch. But what is it that these nations have ...

Kurze Geschichte der Frauenemanzipation

A Short History of female Emancipation

In most civilisations and societies in history women did not have the same rights as men, but were barred from the public spheres of politics and economy to a very ...

Kurze Geschichte Judentum

A Short History of Judaism

Theodore Herzl, the founder of the Zionist Movement, saw the Jews as a "people", one more nation among those which began to constitute themselves in the 19th century. Until then ...

Kein Bild Vorhanden

A Short History of the Age of Information

In this book, Ernst Peter Fischer, best-selling author of Die andere Bildung, passes in review the rapid and fundamental changes our view of the world has undergone over the past ...

Überall ist leicht zu verpassen

Anywhere is easily missed

Jürg Schubiger’s stories always have a deeper meaning. Picking from a long life’s experience, he presents his philosophy seemingly en passant in this petite novel. It is about life, where ...


Book Diary

If you love books you’ll want to share them with friends – give them as a present, lend or borrow them. You’ll want to make notes about things you read ...


City Animals

Humans have been ousting animals from their natural habitats for decades. But the creatures are coming back and starting to invade the most human of all living spaces: the city. ...

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