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Zu einer schönen Mama gehört Kuchen

A beautiful Mum and Cake make a perfect Pair

Where does this traffic jam lead to? What’s the use of a moustache? Such philosophical children’s questions have been collected by Thomas Müller and provided with sympathetic illustrations which are ...

Überall ist leicht zu verpassen

Anywhere is easily missed

Jürg Schubiger’s stories always have a deeper meaning. Picking from a long life’s experience, he presents his philosophy seemingly en passant in this petite novel. It is about life, where ...


Book Diary

If you love books you’ll want to share them with friends – give them as a present, lend or borrow them. You’ll want to make notes about things you read ...


City Animals

Humans have been ousting animals from their natural habitats for decades. But the creatures are coming back and starting to invade the most human of all living spaces: the city. ...


Glove Puppets

No matter whether it’s Kasperl, Kaschberle, Chasperli, Harlequin, Punch or Punchinello: They’ve all gathered in this book to delight us with their buffoonery – culled from life by a true ...

Denkt euch nur, der Frosch ist krank

Just fancy, the Frog’s been taken ill

Many nursery rhymes are about animals – in the magic world of children there is but a small difference between animals and humans. Katrin Stangl has created some magnificent illustrations ...

La cucina mia!

La cucina mia!

Larissa Bertonasco, illustrator of La cucina verde, has a heart for all passionate cooks thus she sat down and created a bright, elegant and at the same time eminently convenient ...



Funny, isn’t it – "true-life" stories often turn out to be more droll and bizarre than anything a writer might dare to dream up. Life is stranger than fiction, indeed. ...



Besides writing and illustrating successful children’s books, Wolf Erlbruch has illustrated various literary texts of such authors as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Karl Philipp Moritz. Gottfried Benn’s expressionist poem ...

Die Zukunft gehört den Mutigen

The Brave shall inherit the Future

All his life he’d been dreaming of following the call of the wild – so Yvonne Kuschell tells us – before he follows his wife-to-be into the safe haven of ...

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