Picture Books

Lauf nach Haus, kleine Maus

Run Home, Little Mouse

Little Mouse is tired and on its way home, but is afraid to pass through the dark forest with all its wild creatures. At first, little Mouse can only make ...

Ab ins Bett, kleiner Bär

Sleep Tight, Little Bear

Leaves are falling from the trees, the evenings are getting chillier and Little Bear shivers with cold. So Mama Bear knows the time has come for the winter sleep. But ...



Squirrel is much smaller than his siblings and a little timid. Therefore he is being teased all the time. So he decides to leave his family and seek greener pastures. ...

Die Abenteuer des Ritters Gawain

The Adventures of Sir Gawain

This marvel of a book provides an introduction to the medieval world of knights errant and arrant knaves, of damsels in distress and tales of chivalry. And chivalry is a ...


The Door

Britta Teckentrup falls with the "door" into the publishing house! What's behind the door? Two children, a fairytale forest, a house, a dragon, a key, a cupboard. . . and ...

Des Kaisers neue Kleider

The Emperor’s new Clothes

The story of the vain emperor has always been one of Andersen’s most popular fairy tales. It has often been illustrated, but seldom as boldly as by Vitali Konstantinov – ...


The entirely new story of Carl Mops who suddenly had a family

Third time’s a charm! Big changes are underway in Carl’s life when mistress announces that his dearly beloved Coco and her master will soon move in with them. Carl is ...


The new story of Carl Mops who falls madly in love and finds a girlfriend

The adventure continues … Carl and Paula enjoy their life with mistress. But then something happens that turns their lives upside down: Carl falls in love! When Cora, the dog ...

Der Kartoffelkönig

The Potato King

Frederick II. of Prussia, called the Great or Old Fritz, did a great deal for his country. In particular, he rendered outstanding services to the introduction of the potato. So ...

Die Geschichte von Carl Mops

The story of Carl Mops who got lost and found his way back home again

A well known German saying goes as follows: A life without a pug is futile. Carl’s mistress feels exactly the same. But when she is called to an emergency one ...

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