Picture Books

Ali Baba und die 40 Räuber

Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves – CD

We all know the famous magic words “Open Sesame” spoken by Ali Baba who defeats 40 dangerous thieves with the help of his canny donkey. Now this timeless story of ...


All aboard – Fatme and Titch take the subway

Every spread in this exceptionel book shows a subway car and allows us to look directly into the dynamic of city life. It is a if you are looking at ...

Chaos in Bad Berleburg

Chaos in Bad Berleburg [Engl.]

Any number of things may happen when someone casually drops a banana skin! A man slips on it and frantically grips a ladder carrying a painter with his bucket of ...


City Animals

Humans have been ousting animals from their natural habitats for decades. But the creatures are coming back and starting to invade the most human of all living spaces: the city. ...

Hund & Hase

Dogs and Hares

Dogs and Hares are like cats and mice. That, at least, is the situation in idyllic Beethorpe-on-Bee. The Dog and Hare families have been at daggers drawn for generations, and ...

Rotraut Susanne Berners Märchencomics

Fairy Tale Comics

Here are eight of the Brothers Grimm’s tales, retold in comic strip fashion by Rotraut Susanne Berner. As it turns out this clever transformation into a contemporary art form provides ...


Hoppelpoppel, where are you?

Hans Fallada is mainly known for his world-famous Every Man Dies Alone, but he has also written a few stories for children. And Hoppelpoppel, where are you? surely is the ...

Auf dem Bauernhof ist was los!

Life’s a Riot at the Farm!

On seven huge double pages young children can discover what happens during a normal day at a farm; plus there’s a hot trail of naughty Benny Badger, the king of ...

Am Hafen ist was los!

Life’s a Riot at the Port!

On seven huge double pages young children can discover what happens during a normal day at a port. And of course there’s a hot trail of Benny Badger again ... ...

In der Stadt ist was los!

Life’s a Riot in the City!

It is half past six in the morning, just after sunrise, when the Mümmel family get up; by half past eleven at night they’ve already been in bed for quite ...

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