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The entirely new story of Carl Mops who suddenly had a family

Third time’s a charm! Big changes are underway in Carl’s life when mistress announces that his dearly beloved Coco and her master will soon move in with them. Carl is ...


The new story of Carl Mops who falls madly in love and finds a girlfriend

The adventure continues … Carl and Paula enjoy their life with mistress. But then something happens that turns their lives upside down: Carl falls in love! When Cora, the dog ...

Der Kartoffelkönig

The Potato King

Frederick II. of Prussia, called the Great or Old Fritz, did a great deal for his country. In particular, he rendered outstanding services to the introduction of the potato. So ...

Die Geschichte von Carl Mops

The story of Carl Mops who got lost and found his way back home again

A well known German saying goes as follows: A life without a pug is futile. Carl’s mistress feels exactly the same. But when she is called to an emergency one ...


The Wished-for Child

Everybody is busy building a nest, eggs are layed, and happy children raised. Squirrel and Robin, a quite unlikely couple, dearly wish for a family as well. In a most ...

Besuch bei Oma

Visiting Grandma

Matze’s been on a visit to Grandma. So what did he do there? Well, not exactly what he tells Mum, that’s for sure! Sometimes it‘s advisable to keep mum about ...


What are you waiting for?

Questions upon questions. What will my life be like? Will I be happy? Are you proud of me? Where are you? Why am I afraid? Why can’t I do this? ...


You and I – the two of us

After the huge success of the lovely Me tall, you small, both nationally and internationally, we are happy to present the pre-quel. This is what the amorous weasel asks himself, and off he goes ...

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