Me You He She – We!

After Me tall – you small the story continues the way it does in many families. The great love (see You and I, the two of us) leads to the first child and a completely new life. And oftentimes the second child follows close and turns life inside out once again – both for the parents and the first child, who now, all of a sudden is a sibling.

Lilli L’Arronge’s colourful and lively Illustrations pictures daily life setting that any young family of four will recognize immediately. A family life that can be both peaceful and stressful, but most of all filled with love!

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Me tall – you small

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You and I – the two of us

After the huge success of the lovely Me tall, you small, both nationally and internationally, we are happy to present the pre-quel. This is what the amorous weasel asks himself, and off he goes ...

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  • Sold to: Mexico
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Lilli L’Arronge

Lilli L’Arronge born as Christine Goppel in 1979, studied Visual Communications at Weimar’s Bauhaus University and then moved to Münster to become an illustrator. Today she illustrates, designs and writes books for children and adults. And time permitting, makes the odd animated feature, sometimes even for television.

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