Clever kochen

Clever Cooking

Let’s cook! For several years, the Berlin food Bank has been offering children’s cooking courses in a double-decker bus and a railway carriage. More than 10 000 children have jointly ...

Cover Kochen ist HiPP!

Cooking is HiPP

We all know those little glass jars with baby food by the HiPP company. Baby food? A growing number of adults have come to appreciate the contents of these glass ...


Cupcakes – For the best Festivals of the Year

Cupcakes are the undisputed champions of any coffee table. These tiny marvels of culinary craftsmanship enhance any food display and quite simply steal the show on their sturdier rival cakes ...

Heute koch ich selbst!

I’ll do my own Cooking today!

Of course all children have their favourite dishes, but have you ever cooked them yourselves? I, for one, simply love Spaghetti Bolognese! Home-made, of course, not from the tin! Try ...

Im Reich der Schokolade

In the Realm of Chocolate

Daniela Kirchlechner’s pictures and objects have a dreamlike quality that will make your mouth water – but fear not: Thanks to a wide choice of recipes, that yen for all ...

Kittys Berlin-Kochbuch

Kitty’s Berlin Cookery Book

Hoppelpoppel, Mohnpielen, Errötende Jungfrau (Blushing Virgin) – the very names of traditional Berlin dishes are quirky enough to tickle everybody’s fancy (and palate). Even more so when two Berlin-born sisters ...

La cucina dolce

La cucina dolce

Especially for the sweet toothed the Italian cuisine seems to be the land of milk and honey – in the true sense of the word. Carlo Bernasconi’s exquisite recipe creations ...

La cucina mia!

La cucina mia!

Larissa Bertonasco, illustrator of La cucina verde, has a heart for all passionate cooks thus she sat down and created a bright, elegant and at the same time eminently convenient ...

La cucina verde

La cucina verde

For vegetable lovers Italian cuisine is a veritable Cockaigne. Carlo Bernasconi’s selection of recipes, many of them reminiscent of his Italin family’s cooking tradition, combines with Larissa Bertonasco’s colourful illustrations ...


La cuisine verte

Vive la France – végétarienne! France and family are – besides cooking – the two great passions of Murielle Rousseau. In her latest cookbook, La cuisine verte, she combines these ...

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