Me tall – you small

You mine, me thine

The big weasel has a little weasel kid. In witty word pairs and hilarious pictures the book illustrates the differences between grown-ups and children – and shows why the big one is so awfully fond of the little one.

The weasel and its child like nothing better than spending time together. And since the weasel kid always wants to do what the big weasel does, everything takes a little longer – but is much more fun! They play and work, dream and cuddle and fool around. And although the two of them quarrel at times, their love for each other is ever-present!

Lilli L’Arronges illustrations reflect the joy of everyday life with a young child. Children and adults alike will recognize themselves in this cheerful book.

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  • Rights sold to China (simplified and complex), Brazil, Spain (Castilian and Catalonian), Mexico, Latvia, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, France, Poland, all other rights available.

Lilli L'Arronge

Born Christine Goppel in 1979, Lilli L'Arronge studied Visual Communications at Weimar’s Bauhaus University and then moved to Munster to become an illustrator. Today she illustrates, designs and writes books for children and adults. And time permitting, makes the
odd animated feature, sometimes even for television.

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