What weather

In each language we know sayings such as: An evening red and a morning grey, two sure signs of one fair day. If it rains before seven, ’twill cease before eleven etc. The weather has a great impact on our lives, not only on what we wear or eat, but also on our mood. We simply cannot escape the weather and its phenomena. This unique book combines information and emotion in lyrical texts and atmospheric illustrations!

Teckentrup, Alle Wetter!

The outstanding illustrations almost let us feel the very different facets of the weather, such as: threatening dark skies before a thunderstorm, promising clear skies in early spring, an atmospheric sunset or the mysteriously shimmering moon by night. The text explains for instance how a tornado arises, how different kinds of clouds develop, why snow is white or where the ring around the moon comes from.
Since the renaissance painters have captured weather phenomena in their paintings to describe certain atmospheric feelings. This book owes a lot to painters like Titian or Turner, Caspar David Friedrich, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh or David Hockney.

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Further information

  • Sold to Korea, China, Latvia, the Netherlands.
  • English and Spanish world rights sold.
  • All other rights available.

Britta Teckentrup

Born in Hamburg in 1969, Britta Teckentrup, studied art in London. After living in England for seventeen years, during which period she published countless successful picture books worldwide, she moved to Berlin where she now lives with her family.

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