The Leporello Book: The Castle – where the Knights of old used to live

Along with the town it protects, the castle covers the entire length of a mountain ridge – that is five foot across on the fold-out poster. The book it accompanies is copiously illustrated and gives a detailed description of how people lived in the days of the knights.

The medieval castle has grown over the centuries. To begin with there was a fortified tower at the top of the ridge and a wall enclosing a yard. This is where they went on to build stone houses while the castle was enlarged by a walled forecourt. Finally an archway was constructed, the starting point of those surrounding walls that protect the little town beneath the castle. Enlarged details afford us a view of living quarters, barns, cattle sheds and workshops. In the background we can see the fields that feed townspeople and the lord of the castle. This copiously illustrated book tells us what people in the Middle Ages lived on, what clothes they wore and what trades they plied. We learn which part those knights in the castle played in medieval society, and how they protected town and castle.

Download the factsheet with all specifications Download the factsheet with all specifications

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Further information

  • Comes with a detachable, concertina-type colour poster, 11.4 x 59 ins. / 29 x 150 cm
  • Sold to Mainland China (Simplified characters), all other rights available.
  • Also available as application for iPhone in German and English.

Christoph Clasen

Christoph Clasen, born in 1974, studied archaeology, and subsequently illustration, in Hamburg. After getting his diploma he started working as a freelance illustrator, concentrating on children’s and young reader’s books. He lives in Hamburg.

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