The Leporello Book: Cars – Technology and History

On the five-foot wide colour poster you can watch cars driving down a road that keeps evolving towards modern standards and leads them into the future. To start with you can admire a steam-driven car, shortly followed by Carl Benz’s „Benzinkutsche“ (petrol coach), beautiful veteran cars that date from the pre-war (i.e. Great War) period, on to the first mass-produced cars, and, eventually, present-day cars and those of days to come.

The colour poster offers a first glimpse of a car’s innards: engine and transmission, chassis and interior. The book proper proceeds to inform us about the history, technology and design of cars. It tells us how advances in technology and altered standards, no less than the dictates of fashion, kept changing the outward design of the cars, and how the engine and the transmission work. Nor does it neglect the progress of road construction and the industrial mass production of cars. To round things off, we are introduced to the eco-friendly car of the future, with ist next-to-zero emission of carbon dioxide, the dreaded greenhouse gas.

Download the factsheet with all specifications Download the factsheet with all specifications

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Further information

  • Comes with a detachable, concertina-type colour poster, 11.4 x 59 ins. / 29 x 150 cm
  • Sold to Mainland China (Simplified characters)
  • All other rights available.

Hans Baltzer

Hans Baltzer, born in 1972, trained to be a typesetter before studying Communcation Design in Berlin-Weissensee and the North Carolina State University in Raleigh, USA. He now works as a freelance graphic designer, producing books, posters and sundry others. He lives in Berlin with his family. Hans Baltzer has been named as a New Talent to watch by the New Yorker Creative Quarterly.

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