The Leporello Book: Egypt – an ancient Culture on the Nile

What an impressive poster, five foot large, of Egypt in ancient times! Here we can see temples and pyramids, humans and animals, and always the River Nile wending and winding its way from Upper Egypt to the delta. The book itself, gives an easy-to-read account of life in ancient Egypt, based on the latest findings of science.

The immense oasis by the River Nile is the cradle of the second-oldest advanced civilization of mankind. This book tells about how man turned to account the fertility of the river valley and how a powerful state was founded, headed by the Pharaoh. We learn about the important part played by the scribes, about the various uses of papyrus, about the everyday lives of ordinary Egyptians, and about what preparations were made for the dead and their life in the hereafter. As we study the book the huge poster is brought to life – after all you can only see what you know.

Download the factsheet with all specifications Download the factsheet with all specifications

Further information

  • Comes with a detachable, concertina-type colour poster, 11.4 x 59 ins. / 29 x 150 cm
  • Sold to Mainland China (Simplified characters), all other rights available

Thilo Krapp

Born in 1975, Thilo Krapp began to draw at the age of five, preferably ducks. Later on he studied communication design at Wuppertal University, attending lectures of Wolf Erlbruch, among others. Today he works succesfully as a freelance illustrator for various publishing companies. He lives in Berlin with his tom-cat.

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