The Giant Leporello Posterbook Skyscrapers

Folded between two stable covers is a five feet concertina type poster. It can be hung on the wall, be fixed to a bookshelf or just spread out onto the floor. The back of the Giant Poster comes with six densely equipped pages that contain all essential information to the huge picture at front.

The Giant Leporello Posterbook Scyscrapers presents a classic skyscraper right from the basement deep down with all its machinery up to the transmitter mast on top. It explains how such a colossus was erected and how it functions.

Download the factsheet with all specifications Download the factsheet with all specifications

By the same artist

Das Leporello-Buch: Wolkenkratzer

The Leporello Book: Skyscrapers – a whole Town inside a House

The five-foot wide poster accompanying the book shows an eighty-storey skyscraper. From its base to its slender tip, it rises to a height of almost 1200 foot. The book explains ...

Das Leporello-Riesenposter: Wolkenkratzer

Further information

  • All rights available.
  • In the same series: The Giant Leporello Posterbook Deep Sea

Johanna Limberger

Johanna Limberger, born in 1976, designed her first book about outer space when only seven years old – it boasted true-to-life depictions of the Milky Way, the Hot Chocolate Way and the Peppermint Tea Way. She did Jewish Studies and is currently studying communication design in Potsdam. She lives in Berlin-Wannsee where she is working on various book projects of her own.

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