The File on… Ulysses

This biography of Ulysses, who has become a byword for cunning, reads like a modern tale of adventure. Author Christine Paxman has skilfully compiled everything the ancient writers related about Ancient Greece’s most popular legendary hero. Along the way we learn many a fascinating fact about its customs, its civilization and religion.

A mature man now, Telemachus, Ulysses’ son, casts back his mind to days long gone by. He recalls his father hiding from the men come to urge him to join them in their campaign against Troy, and his reluctant departure with them, eventually; the stories about his origins that the women kept telling during his twenty-year absence; and the news about his father’s exploits that reached Ithaca. Best of all, though, he remembers what he felt on his father’s unexpected return, meeting a man he hardly knew. That day Ulysses told his son about his adventures, his encounters with wily enchantress Circe, with the Cyclopes and the Sirens, and how the Phaeacians welcomed him on their island and eventually escorted him home. Telemachus’ clearest recollection, though, is how he helped his father to expel the suitors from his palace. They had come to force his beautiful mother, artful Penelope, to marry one of them, who would thus enter into possession of Ithaca and its riches. On that day, at long last, Ulysses and Penelope could fall into each other’s arms again.

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Wer war Odysseus?

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Christine Paxmann

Born in Munich in 1961, Christine Paxmann studied German and Graphic Arts. After a short spell in advertising she soon discovered her real vocation – books. To devise books, design them, and write them. Which she has been doing for 25 years now, living happily ever after in Munich, with her son, a dog, a mouse, and a hare.

Stefanie Roth

Born in Dresden in 1969, Stefanie Roth studied illustration and graphic arts in Prague and communication design at Berlin-Weißensee’s Kunsthochschule, attending Professor Volker Pfüller’s master class. She has been freelancing as a graphic designer, illustrator and designer of books since 1997. She’s also headed the faculty of graphic design at Schwerin’s Design Schule since 2008.

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