The File on… Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull, of the Lakota tribe, or „Sioux“ as the White Man contemptuously called them, was one of the bravest men of his people. Nina Schindler gives a gripping and vivid account of this proud chief’s life, who braved settlers and soldiers, and eventually fell victim to an insidious assassination.

Chief Sitting Bull, whose Red Indian name was Tatanka Yotanka, was worried to see how the white settlers took large parts of the North American prairies from his people. The huge herds of buffalo, which used to provide the staple of food and clothing to the Indians, had been all but exterminated. Railway lines cut through the country, settlements and forts were being set up, and the Indians were being driven further and further away. And now they were required to sell their land to the palefaces. Those who refused to sign the treaties of the Big White Father in Washington were forced to do so at gunpoint. Sitting Bull, though, had never put his signature to a white man’s paper.

Without false pathos Nina Schindler describes the life of North American Indians before the White Man invaded the country, what beliefs they held, and what customs and rituals they practised – and how they were forced to leave their former life to draw out a miserable existence in the reservations allotted to them.

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Nina Schindler

Nina Schindler, born in 1946, worked for a number of years as a teacher at a comprehensive school. In the early nineties she gave up her teaching job in order to concentrate on writing. She has since written numerous books for children and adults alike, as well as translating many English and French books into German. She lives in Bremen with her big family. She has already written "The file on... Karl May" for this series.

Daniela Kirchlechner

Daniela Kirchlechner studied graphic design in Berlin and in Vienna and works as a creative director for customers in Germany and abroad. Jacoby & Stuart have already published her picture book "Die Abenteuer des Ritters Gawain" as well as the cookbook "Im Reich der Schokolade". Daniela Kirchlechner lives in Berlin, with her husband and her son.

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