The File on… Mozart

Leaving behind the cliché of „Wolferl“, the „Donnerblitzbub“, Axel Brüggemann sets out to take his young readers as seriously as Mozart, musician and composer of genius. Having shown that Mozart was anything but a good boy, but rather something of a crazy guy, in the vein of a „Wacko“-type pop musician of our time, he embarks on a painstaking, easy-to-follow introduction to his music.

The starting point of the book is not the usual infant prodigy of four years old, but the emaciated, feverish figure of Mozart dying, dictating the music of his „Requiem“ and relapsing into reminiscences of his life ebbing away – his childhood, and a strict father, who always preferred him to his sister Nanny. He remembers his performances at the courts of Europe, his escape from the provincialism of Salzburg, his triumphant reception in Vienna, and of how the aristocratic audience of Vienna dropped him after the scandal of „Figaro“. And most of all he recalls his music, his life’s passion and the immense riches of invention and novelty he has given to it.

The vivid „portrait of the artist“ is aptly complemented by Daniela Kirchlechner’s colour illustrations.

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Axel Brüggemann

Axel Brüggemann born in 1971, is one of Germany’s best-known music journalists. After studying musicology, history and art history he began to write for major national newspapers and magazines. In 2006 he became editor-in-chief of "crescendo", the magazine for classical music. Today he works as a freelance publicist and author of books. He lives in Berlin.

Daniela Kirchlechner

Daniela Kirchlechner studied graphic design in Berlin and in Vienna and works as a creative director for customers in Germany and abroad. Jacoby & Stuart have already published her picture book "Die Abenteuer des Ritters Gawain" as well as the cookbook "Im Reich der Schokolade". Daniela Kirchlechner lives in Berlin, with her husband and her son.

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