The File on… Christopher Columbus

Kirsten John’s easy-to-read book gives a compelling account of the famous explorer’s life of adventure. Conquering all kinds of adversity Christopher Columbus travelled to the New World a total of four times – yet died , at he age of 55, in the firm belief that he had been to India.

When he was a child Christopher Columbus often wistfully watched the ships leave the harbour of his home town of Genoa. A simple weaver’s son, he felt the call of the sea at an early age. But it wasn’t just trade and the prospect of riches that attracted young Christopher – the magic of the unknown had cast its spell upon him. The 15th century’s hunger for gold and spices was unsatiable. The princes were greedier, and the traders richer than ever – and the seafarers were daring and raring to go. After the fall of Constantinople to the Turks, a new route had to be found to Eastern Asia, which at that time was simply called „India“. Vasco da Gama had been the first to round the Cape of Good Hope, thus forging an Eastern sea passage to India – but it was a long way, and fraught with peril. So Columbus tried to find a Western passage – and discovered America.

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Kirsten John

Kirsten John born in 1966, works as a publisher’s reader and a freelance writer. Schwimmen lernen in Blau, her award-winning novel has been translated into several languages. Ms John lives and works in Hanover and Amsterdam. Her contributions to the File on series include two successful volumes on Klaus Störtebecker and Arminius.

Daniela Kirchlechner

Daniela Kirchlechner studied graphic design in Berlin and in Vienna and works as a creative director for customers in Germany and abroad. Jacoby & Stuart have already published her picture book "Die Abenteuer des Ritters Gawain" as well as the cookbook "Im Reich der Schokolade". Daniela Kirchlechner lives in Berlin, with her husband and her son.

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