The File on… Alexander the Great

Horst Künnemann recounts the gripping story of Alexander the Great – and that’s more than just the battles he won. He speculates on how the Greeks managed to endure those endless marches of thousands of miles, what food they had and what clothes they wore, and what thoughts might have crossed their minds. And he tries to imagine what Alexander himself might have felt.

No ruler in the history of the world has equalled Alexander for fame. Antiquity and the Middle Ages, the occident of Christianity and the orient of Islam have sung his exploits, and historiography has registered his every trace assiduously. But how are we to visualize the real Alexander?Alexander was only twenty years old when he ascended the throne. An impetuous young man, he was equally versed in the art of warfare and the scientific disciplines. He could be a charmer, for whom his soldiers would go through thick an thin, but was also given to bouts of cruelty and excess. It was his conviction that he had been given the task to unite the whole world in one empire. Alas – the world was larger than he imagined.

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Horst Künnemann

Born in Berlin in 1929, Horst Künnemann has lived in Hamburg for many years. A former teacher, he now works as a critic, author, and honorary professor.This globe-trotter is one of the dominating figures among German writers of children’s books and books for young adults.

Daniela Kirchlechner

Daniela Kirchlechner studied graphic design in Berlin and in Vienna and works as a creative director for customers in Germany and abroad. Jacoby & Stuart have already published her picture book "Die Abenteuer des Ritters Gawain" as well as the cookbook "Im Reich der Schokolade". Daniela Kirchlechner lives in Berlin, with her husband and her son.

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