No ice, no polar bear

The climate is not only on everyone‘s lips, but also on television, in the newspaper and as protests on the streets. Posters showing sweating planets and polar bears, polluting cars and factories, plastic garbage and coal diggers. But what does that all have to do with climate? Climate, that sounds big and important, but also quite inaccessible, almost confusing.

In this book Kristina Heldmann starts at the beginning and explains with text and illustrations what climate is, what causes global warming, and what do we can do about it? She explains more complex subjects like the different climatezones and greenhouse gases and makes them accessible to children.

This inescapable book full of information, facts, and vibrant illustrations prepares us for the future!

Download the factsheet with all specifications Download the factsheet with all specifications

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  • Korean rights sold.
  • All rights available.

Kristina Heldmann

Kristina Heldmann is a freelance illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. She graduated with a degree in Visual Arts from the Braunschweig University of Arts in 2000 and has been illustrating professionally ever since. Her work has been commissioned and featured in national and international publications, books and campaigns.

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