Grandpa Mammoth

World history does not begin here with me, it started long before that.
But I’m the one whose going to tell the story.
I live ages ago, in the middle of the Stone Age. On the other hand – it’s not so long ago, only a thousand mothers and fathers and grandmas and grandpas, and great-grandmas and great-grandpas away from you.

This is the beginning of Granddad Mammoth, a narrative non-fiction book that brings our world history to life. While looking at the beautiful illustrations, the storyteller, Granddad Mammoth, tells with a great sense of humour about the people and the things that you see. Because he starts by himself and stays close to the world around him, housing, food, things to play, work, it’s very easy for children to go along and let themselves be guided from the Stone Age up to nowadays.

Bernd Mölck Tassel and Dieter Böge have created a lot of books together and won several awards, including a nomination for the German Youth Literature Prize. In this extraordinary book it is as if you’re thrown back in time and experience how life was then. And thus history comes to life.

Download the factsheet with all specifications Download the factsheet with all specifications

Further information

  • Korean, French and Spanish rights sold. All other rights available.

The author

Dieter Böge is a painter, illustrator and teacher, and has been working together with Bernd Mölck Tassel on various university projects for nearly 20 years.

The illustrator

Bernd Mölck Tassel studied illustration in Hamburg. During is studies he began to work as an illustrator for agencies, magazines and publishers and since 1989 he has been teaching Illustration at various Universities, and since 2005 as a Professor.

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