When Little Hare shot the Sheriff

The Sheriff is dead! And Little Hare, of all animals, is supposed to be the one who shot the wicked villain. The forest echos with cheers, and Little Hare is fêted all over the place. But suddenly his own life is in jeopardy. This is a gripping, clever and quite amusing story about courage and cowardice – and about true friendship.

„Only a dead animal is a good animal“, such is the Sheriff’s motto. But now the Sheriff is dead. Thanks to Little Hare. And everybody gives three cheers for their darling Little Hare. But suddenly the rumour begins to spread that the Sheriff is still alive and has threatened revenge on all the animals in the Big Forest. Now who’s going to stand by Litle Hare?

All of a sudden the celebrated hero stands alone. Nobody musters the courage to defend the mere slip of a child, not even his parents. After all, the Sheriff’s got a gun. Wouldn’t it be best to hand over Little Hare, so the Sheriff can take it out on him and leave the rest of them alone? That’s what most of the grown-up animals think. Except Vera Water-Rat, that is, who gives him shelter. And Matthew Bear, who promises to protect Little Hare. He gathers a troop of animal kids who are determined to block the Sheriff’s way into the forest.

In the end things take quite an unexpected turn, and a handful of lone heroes blaze a trail towards the rising sun.

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  • In the same series: Little Hare's second adventure, "When Little Hare dismissed the Captain"

Andrea Hensgen

Andrea Hensgen, born in 1959, studied German, political science and scociology. After working as a lecturer she became a freelance writer in 1994 and has since had several books published. Especially "Darf ich beiben, wenn ich leise bin" is quite popular. Andrea Hensgen lives in Freiburg.

Aljoscha Blau

Aljoscha Blau, born in Leningrad in 1972, has lived in Germany since 1990. He studied graphics and illustration, focussing on books for children and adolescents, and has reaped numerous awards. These include the Bologna Ragazzi Award, the Troisdorfer Bilderbuchpreis, and the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis (German Youth Literature Award), the last-named award twice. He lives in Berlin with his family.

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