Tine Eisenbeisser

The place is East Berlin, the time is 1989. Tine’s father is with the People’s Police, her brother Maiki loves military parades every bit as much as her mother does an indoor fountain. The director of her school charges her with opposing „the collective wisdom of the Party“ and Nils – Tine’s first real love – has gone over to the West. People in the GDR take to the streets, and in the end the Berlin Wall does, in fact, fall. A burlesque novel of adolescence, with an autobiographical streak.

Adolescence is bad enough by itself. Aggravated by a revolution, and the collapse of a country, it can become quite a roller-coaster ride. Tine Eisenbeisser finds her first love during the final weeks of the Cold War, and loses him to the West even before the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Things keep happening thick and fast, and Tine’s just got one thing on her mind – to find Nils. So she strikes out for the West in the very night of the Fall of the Wall.

This book gives a turbulent and humorous account of a strange period of time, torn between roll-call, blackheads and „welcoming money“.

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Ira Wedel

Ira Wedel, born in 1974, grew up in the GDR, and spent a major part of adolescence living through the turbulent times following Reunification. After working as a television author and editor she studied scriptwriting at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Today Ira Wedel lives as a freelance author in Berlin, writing screenplays, stories and reviews.

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