Three stones for Betty

A Jewish family in Germany and the shadows of the past – told from the point of view of young people with a warmth of heart that is close to everyone.

Bettina Kupfer cleverly combines the story of Amit’s 1940 escape from her grandmother Minnie with Amit’s 2017 search for her great-aunt Betty’s. Minnie has nothing left of her family but a bag of three stones, a family photo and the diary notes in which she tells of her 1940 escape from the Nazis as a 13-year-old. The flight led them via Luxembourg. Belgium and France to Switzerland …

With the help of these diary notes, Amit (12) sets off in search of Betty, Minnies‘ little sister, who was lost in 1940 as a one-year-old. In the search for Betty, Amit learns what it means to grow up. This also means that she has to deal with the world of the past if she wants to understand the world of today …

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Bettina Kupfer

Born in 1963, Bettina Kupfer studied music and drama. She is a well‐known German actress (Schindler’s List) and also a qualified psychoanalyst. She has started writing children novels and filmscripts.

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