Then there was Sunny

When new pupil Sunny joins her class, Kinneret’s well-ordered life takes a turn. Sunny is so utterly… different. Then this shady character turns up who peddles drugs right next to the school and even starts threatening Kinneret. And what about Sunny’s brother Jan whose exact manner of death is something of a secret…

14-year-old Kinneret’s sheltered childhood in a Jewish family jumps off the rails when new arrival Sunny enters her class. An out-and-out rebel, Sunny, who couldn’t care less about school attendance, shares a flat with other adolescents and harbours many a secret. So it’s small wonder Kinneret is fascinated by her, but can she trust her? What is going on between Sunny and that shady character who attacks Kinneret and breaks into her parents’ house? What is her connection with Kinneret’s Aunt Rachel? And what about Sunny’s brother Jan who died of an overdose of heroin, or did he?

While searching for the truth these two intrepid girls uncover a ring of drug traffickers operating in Berlin, and thereby ultimately put their own lives at risk.

As well as providing a well-paced thriller that will keep you engrossed up to the last page, Adriana Stern’s book also tackles the subject of otherness, of being different, with great empathy.

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Adriana Stern

Born in the Rhineland in 1960, Adriana Stern is an author and Gestalt therapist. She has worked in various institutions for young female offenders and youth centres, and offers writing workshops for children and adolescents, specializing in poetic self-analysis. She has already written two novels for young readers. Adriana Stern lives and works in Cologne.

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