The Pug in the Container

Marco’s and Anne’s second adventure takes us to Hamburg. The twosome discovers a protection racket… and it’s a pug that puts them on the right track! What with Werner Färber’s linguistic wit, his tricky plot and a number of easy-as-pie recipes this book makes a welcome change from the common run of kids’ thrillers.

When his mother refuses to raise his pocket money Marco hits on the idea of walking other people’s dogs. Unfortunately there’s only one customer, Greek restaurateur Stani, whose pug Dionysos is in dire need of exercise. Since it’s the beginning of the school holidays Marco’s friend Anne comes to visit him in Hamburg. After all, her father and Marco’s mother have been a couple since the adventure of The Crocodile in Silver Pond.

It takes Marco and Anne no more than two days to find out that there’s some nasty business going on in Stani’s tavern. So they start investigating, helped by Marco’s friend Kevin who lives right across the street from the restaurant – a perfect position to keep it under constant surveillance. When a fire breaks out in the restaurant while Kevin is trapped in the basement things really start happening…

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By the same artist

The Crocodile in Silver Pond

This is going to be one hell of a boring holiday! That’s Marco’s first reaction when his journalist mother tells him that the two of them are going to test ...

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  • All rights available.
  • In the same series: Marco's and Anne's first adventure, "The Crocodile in Silver Pond"

Werner Färber

Werner Färber, born in 1957, has always wanted to earn his living as a writer, and published his first story as an adolescent, in a school magazine. By now he has written a number of successful children’s books and radio plays. Werner Färber lives in Hamburg, with his wife and his daughter.

Iris Wolfermann

Iris Wolfermann, born in 1972, studied art in Berlin. After circumnavigating the world on board a cruise liner, she started illustrating children’s books. Today she works as a freelance illustrator, and as an artistic assistant at the Berlin University of the Arts. Iris Wolfermann lives in Berlin, with her family and two cats.

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