The Nanis and the flickering Stone

The peaceful world of nanis falls apart through a mysterious stone – the beginning of the fantastic adventures of Prince Alwin and Merline

Prince Alwin, son of the mighty great genius and the great genius, lives in a peaceful nano village on the steep slopes of Paralù. Instead of going to nanischool, the little more than seven pine cones tall prince prefers to spend his time dreaming at the lake. One day, the idyllic tranquillity begins to waver, for when a stone is discovered that glows and emits sounds, events turn over.

Prince Alwin, magically attracted to this stone, steals it – and makes all nanites excited. On top of that, he forfeits his admission to magic lessons. Together with the nanny girl Merline, who courageously climbs every tree, he embarks on an adventurous journey to discover the secret of the stone …

The Press

»[…] Moreover, man loses a mysterious shining stone. […] From that moment on, I was right in the story. I was puzzling with what that stone could be. […] I’m dying to read the next volume, too.«
ZEIT Leo, Marcel (10 years)

»An extremely entertaining written story full of surprising twists and turns […]
BuchMarkt, Simone Leinkauf

»This is a book for adventurers. I was immediately drawn into the story and it was exciting from the beginning.«
BuchMarkt, Kirsi (9 years)

»The new fantastic (in every sense of the word) adventure series by Susanne Schmidt […].«, Sebastian Richter

»Great fantasy story.«
Kruschel Kinderzeitung, Eva Fauth

«In this fantastic, exciting and humorous story, magic and technology, fairy tales and people meet.«
Kids Best Books, Christa Robbers


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Further information

  • All rights available.

The author

Susanne Schmidt, born in 1959, received her doctorate in communication sciences and worked as a screenwriter, playwright and assistant director in film. Since 1993 she has been living in Rome with her husband and her dog.

The illustrator

Laurent Gapaillard, born in 1980, studied at the Penninghen Art School in Paris. He also studied philosophy and art history. He drew his first children's book illustrations for the Yark.

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