Paula and a Night at the old Paper Factory

Paula is fed up. While her mother is busy enjoying a spontaneous trip to Berlin, she is stuck in snore-ville with her boring old father. At least he has promised to take her to the water park after school – having waited for him for hours in the freezing cold, Paula decides to run away. With the help of her new friend Orlando, she stages a fake kidnapping. But there was one thing, they hadn’t reckoned with: Robert the redhead …

Paula has plenty of Ideas for making life in her father’s boring neighbourhood more fun: In her make-believe world, the way to school turns into a polar expedition and with a little rearranging, her fathers dismal flat makes for a bright little shop selling lamps for every occasion. Paula’s father, however, just can’t get his head around Paula’s vivid imagination. To top it all off, he doesn’t show up twice in a row – that’s when Paula decides to teach him a lesson and run away!

With a clever scheme, a self-made blackmailing letter and the help of her new friend Orlando, Paula stages a fake kidnapping. But things soon get out of hand: Robert the redhead wants to have his (only) friend Orlando all to himself. His jealousy even puts Paula’s life at risk and triggers a thrilling race against time …

An adventurous story about friendship, fighting and making up, about jealousy and real courage. It is playwrighter and director Thomas Heinemann’s debut novel, humorously written and with a keen eye for children’s worries and troubles – and for those of grown-ups, too.


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Paula und die Nacht im Papiergebirge

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Thomas Heinemann

Thomas Heinemann, born in Herrsching am Ammersee in 1958, is a director and author. He has written over 40 plays for children and adults, made numerous films and received the city of Würtemburg’s prize for promotion of culture in 1997.

Kristina Knöchel

Kristina Knöchel, born in 1980, works as an editor and illustrator. Since she can hold a pen she draws on everything within her reach – preferably on paper.

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