Merjem [Engl.]

Merjem broaches the issues of deportation and asylum in a story of crime and friendship, suspenseful and with a lot of heart – in a realistic yet funny way, it encourages finding solutions for problems and showing solidarity.

When the janitor of his school forces 12-year-old Linus to paint over a graffiti, Linus stumbles upon Merjem, a girl from his grade, who is hiding in the cold locker rooms of the tennis court and seems very frightened. Together with his classmate Dana, Linus discovers that Merjem’s parents have been deported to Albania. Merjem herself managed to elude deportation and is now wanted by the police. Linus and Dana decide to help her and consequently get themselves into dangerous situations, in particular when they find out about the criminal doings of the mean-spirited janitor…

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Further information

  • Rights sold to Egypt.
  • All other rights available.

The author

Susanne Schmidt, born in 1959, has a PhD in Communication Studies and has worked as a screen and theatre writer as well as assistant director for films. Since 1993, she has been living in Rome with her husband, and she recounts her Italian experiences in her successful book »Spaghetti im Rohbau«.

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