Horroscu Castle

Gloria von Quast, Ali Ben Rum and Hector Fosh are not only magically dowered human beings, but also Secret Agents of the highly secretive Hidden Society. The red alarm has been put into force, as the super villain Ptolemaeus Wolzin has stolen the mysterious Book of Evil Forces. Nobody knows to what it could enable him, but the trace of Liquid Darkness he leaves behind, lets us fear for the worst. This freaky and most hilarious spy and adventure story bursts with crazy events and most absurd dialogues.

The investigations lead our protagonists Major von Quast, Lieutenant Fosch and Major Ali Ben Rum in the midst of winter right across the continent into the little known country of Varulia. Equipped with backpacks filled with cans of tinned food, pursued by a likewise pesky and sinister fly, they pursue Wolzin in a sledge pulled by four billy goats. The showdown takes place in the dusky ruins of Horroscu Castle …

With great charm and wit and a very special fingertwist of eccentricity, Uwe Metz tells the story of three fairly eccentric agents who struggle against dark deeds – with magic, courage and quick wittedness. And en passant they save the world, of course.

The Hidden Society

  • Part 1 Horroscu Castle
  • Part 2 In the Garden of the Yeti 
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Further information

  • All rights available.
  • 320 pages, hardcover 14,5 x 21 cm
  • From 12 years onward

Uwe Metz

Uwe Metz, born 1968 in Germany, decided after his training as a retail bookseller to study Protestant theology. Having worked as pastor, primarily in the child and youth work, he was attracted back to the world of books after six years. Today he works as a bookseller again and writes novels. He has two children and lives in Southern Germany.

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