Frieda in the Bottle

Flo’s family-holidays promise to be the worst ever. But then she discovers a mysterious bottle under her bed. In it lives a tiny plump greenhaired woman named Frieda. Freaky Frieda promises to fulfill three wishes, if Flo helps her out of the bottle. And when Flo releases Frieda, the holidays turn out to be the most exciting of her whole life!

The holiday-cottage turns out to be a hovel, her parents squabble with themselves and the phony neighbours. Their son David has nothing better to do than to tease Flo. And Maya, her big sister, is busy reading, texting and chatting, and ignoring everything else. But then freaky Frieda comes out of the bottle and things become crazy. Together, they find a compagnion for Frieda, chase away an estate agent, find a playmate for Flo, end the dispute of the adults, and last but not least discover a hidden treasure.

Another hurly-burly story by Ulrike Rylance, author of Emma in the Land of Buttons, along with gorgeous black and white illustrations by Regina Kehn.

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Further information

  • All rights available.
  • Please ask for English sample translation of the first chapters.

Ulrike Rylance

Ulrike Rylance, born in 1968, studied English and German in Leipzig and London. Since 2001 she has lived in Seattle, USA, with her husband and her two daughters. She has written books for children and young readers. Her first novel for young readers "Ein Date für vier" was published in 2010.

Regina Kehn

Regina Kehn, born in 1962, studied illustration in Hamburg. Since 1988 she has been working for magazines and children’s book publishers. For her illustrations she has been awarded several prizes. Regina Kehn lives in Hamburg with her family.

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