Emma in the Land of Buttons

Ulrike Rylance’s Emma in the Land of Buttons is that rare thing – a fairy tale that is very funny and slily profound at the same time. Reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, this roller coaster ride through the Land of Buttons will have kids listening with bated breaths while those adults who read them the story will time and again snigger with delight.

Over the holidays Emma’s staying with her cranky Uncle Hubert and Aunt Mechthild. In their huge house they keep a marvellous collection of things you can get for free such as used tickets, snail shells, fountain ball pens… Then one evening Emma enters the Button Room, and suddenly a big gold button starts talking to her. When Emma touches it – lo and behold! – she shrinks to button size and finds herself in the Land of Buttons.

No sooner has she arrived than the Button Police are after her in hot pursuit – it is their job, after all, to persecute all Non-Buttons. And it was big, stuck-up Isolde, the gold button, who set them on. Luckily Emma meets Louise, a silver button, and Gustav, a mother-of-pearl button, who help her to find her way back to the world of humans. That marks the beginning of a thrill-a-minute journey through the Land of Buttons.

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Further information

  • Please ask for English sample translation of the first chapters.
  • English world rights sold.
  • All other rights available.

Ulrike Rylance

Ulrike Rylance, born in 1968, studied English and German in Leipzig and London. Since 2001 she has lived in Seattle, USA, with her husband and her two daughters. She has written books for children and young readers. Her first novel for young readers "Ein Date für vier" was published in 2010.

Silke Leffler

Silke Leffler, born in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg in 1970, trained as a tailor and then studied textile design. She has been a freelance textile designer since 1996, working for well-known clients worldwide. Since 1998 she has also been working as an illustator for children’s books and stationery. She lives in Southern Germany with her family.

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