Mimi Kätt and the Captain: A Winter Fairy Tale

So cold! And so much snow! Mimi Kätt, a snow-white lady cat who is young at heart, doesn’t feel like leaving her flat at all. But then she discovers an enormous ocean steamer frozen solid in the narrow canal in front of her window! The captain was heading to South America but somehow lost his way.

How can that be, Mimi Kätt wonders. But as soon as she gets to know the steamer’s crazy but loveable crew and joins in with their singing she stops wondering and starts enjoying the oddest and most musical winter of her life.

Esther Kinsky skilfully combines narration and songs. She has adapted well-known international workers’ and protest songs and composed new texts to suit children. And last but not least Gerda Raidt’s marvellous illustrations capture the wintery atmosphere perfectly and let the scenes come to life.

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Der Käptn und die Mimi Kätt

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Esther Kinsky

Esther Kinsky, born 1956, has made a name for herself as a translator of Russian, Polish and English literature. Recently, she attracted much attention as a poet and as the author of the praised novel Sommerfrische (Summer Resort). Her works have been assigned several awards, among others the most prestigious Paul-Celan-Award.

Gerda Raidt

Gerda Raidt, born in 1975 in Berlin, studied graphic art at the renowned Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design. At a later date, she studied illustration at the likewise prestigious Acadamy of Visual Arts Leipzig where she also completed post graduate studies with Prof. Volker Pfüller. Since 2004 she has been working as freelance illustrator.

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