The Adventures of Sir Gawain

This marvel of a book provides an introduction to the medieval world of knights errant and arrant knaves, of damsels in distress and tales of chivalry. And chivalry is a key term, indeed: A true knight will spare his enemies, succour the weak and honour the ladies.

For the illustrations of this book Daniela Kirchlechner has developed a completely novel technique: She built her own models of all the characters and animals – knights as well as horses. Then she placed them in front of huge landscapes or architectural panoramas and photographed them. Following the style of painting prevalent in the late Middle Ages, each of these plates contains scenes with the same protagonist. With miraculous ease this ancient manner of representation manages to meet the child’s view of the world halfway.

Each picture is accompanied by a short text telling the story of Sir Gawain’s fantastic adventures. Which goes like this: Gawain is knighted by King Arthur and vows to spare his enemies, succour the weak and honour the ladies. Now, that is easier said than done because Morgan le Fay, a wicked fairy, keeps laying snares for him. In the end, however, together with his friend Lancelot, he manages to liberate captive Queen Guinevere and is reunited with his long-lost brothers. At Camelot a big celebration is held for the conquering hero in the course of which all his brothers are knighted. A beautiful picture book, and not just for the young ones either!

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Daniela Kirchlechner

Every time Daniela Kirchlechner’s fingers itch, she knows what’s going to happen: One of her characters is about to hatch. Emerging, like their human counterparts, in full-blown 3D, they scramble to the roof of her loft in order to make their getaway. But before they can to do that, Ms Kirchlechner wields her mighty camera, securing photographic evidence of the scarperers. Daniela Kirchlechner lives in Berlin, with her husband and her son.

Edmund Jacoby

Edmund Jacoby studied history and philosophy in Tübingen and Paris. He graduated at Frankfurt University where he worked as a lecturer, before becoming reader for a publishing company and eventually starting a publishing business in his own right. He has written a number of children’s books and non-fiction books.

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