Squirrel is much smaller than his siblings and a little timid. Therefore he is being teased all the time. So he decides to leave his family and seek greener pastures. Lots of adventures are awaiting him till he returns home – as a superhero!

In search of a new family, Squirrel makes friends with a rabbit and a duck family, with blackbirds and a young roebuck. But each time Squirrel experiences that he is not destined for the lives of the other animals. Eventually he becomes homesick and scared all by himself in the darkest of nights. But then he remembers the roebuck’s gift: his old shed horn. Thanks to the deer’s horn Squirrel builds up courage and, in the end, rescues his whole family from the murderous marten …

A book about the wish to fit in and how to overcome anxiety.

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Further information

  • Sold to Denmark and Russia.
  • All other rights available.
  • Please ask for English sample translation.

Joëlle Tourlonias

Joëlle Tourlonias, born in 1985, studied visual communication (majoring in illustration and painting) at the Bauhaus University of Weimar. Since 2009 she has been living in Essen as a freelance artist. In spring 2011 Jacoby & Stuart published her first picture book: Visiting Grandma which has been awarded the Bad Iburger Schlossgeschichten price as best newcomer.

Hazel Nut

Hazel Nut was born in a Scottish village in 1943, where she lives again nowadays. She has published many successful books for children and adults under her various pen names. Hazel is president of the Squirrel Society of her home village.

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