One Night in Winter

What could be better during wintertime than to read stories and sing songs? This is just what Esther Kinsky thought, and she created the fitting book accompanied by a CD. The story is about three cats roaming about a cold grey city during wintertime, peering into windows ablaze with light and watching people prepare for the three Festivals of Lights: Indian Diwali, Jewish Chanukkah and Christmas.

Behind every window something takes place, that breathes the spirit of the festive season … The three cats admire the glittering lights, take in the fragrances of delicious food and listen to festive tunes.

Young illustrator Sarah Fricke created cheerful pictures flanking the story, in which many lights warm up the winter gloom.

The Book includes a CD that contents the story One Night in Winter read by the author (24:45) and the following songs:

  • Laxmi Dhyan 01:58
  • Ya Hamaam 06:01
  • Maoz Tsur 00:58
  • Ner-Li-adlik 00:56
  • Knecht Ruprecht (Schumann) 01:54
  • One Night in Winter 02:02
  • A Spotless Rose is growing 00:47
  • Ikh bin a Kleyner Dreydl 00:49
  • Twinkle twinkle little Star 00:30
  • Barnens Julafton 01:07
Download the factsheet with all specifications Download the factsheet with all specifications

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Further information

  • All rights available.
  • Please ask for English sample translation.
  • Also available as English reading by the author.

Esther Kinsky

Esther Kinsky, born 1956, has made a name for herself as a translator of Russian, Polish and English literature. Recently, she attracted much attention as a poet and as the author of the praised novel Sommerfrische (Summer Resort). Her works have been assigned several awards, among others the most prestigious Paul-Celan-Award.

Sarah Fricke

Born 1988, Sarah Fricke has been interested in drawing from early childhood. She is studying art at Burg Giebichenstein/Halle Art School for Visual Communication with an emphasis on illustration.

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