Mielikki – The girl from the woods

For all small and big guardians of our earth

»I am Mielikki and I have been waiting for you.«
And before I even knew what was going on, she took me by the hand and led me into the forest.

And thus Anna’s journey through the woods begins. Anna had often before sat on the shore of the lake looking into the woods on the other side. There was something special and magical to it. And on that day she took heart and was brave enough to cross the lake.

Mielikki leads Anna through the forest. She draws Anna’s attention to the breathing of the trees and the rhythm of the waters and thereby Anna learns to listen not only to the forest, but to her own breathing, to her own body, she learns to feel at home in nature. The two roam around, simply following their curiosity. They meet friendly bears, caress the so fur of deer, learn to watch out like owls, to sneak up silently like wolves – until Anna wakes up in her bed. Was it all simply a dream?

Judith Drews would like all people – big and small – to be one with nature and take note of the messages the forest sends us. Her retro illustrations in earthy colours and the short texts lets us travel with Anna into the forest and draws our attention to the wonders and beauties of the nature around us.

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Further information

  • French rights sold.
  • All other rights available.
  • English translation available.

The artist:

Judith Drews studied illustration in Hamburg and works in the studio she founded as a freelance illustrator and designer for publishers at home and abroad. She has received numerous national and innternational awards. So far, she has published more than 50 books. She lives with her husband, their two daughters and a tigress, who pretends to be a house cat, in a house with a garden and many other animals in Berlin.

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