Chaos in Bad Berleburg [Engl.]

Any number of things may happen when someone casually drops a banana skin! A man slips on it and frantically grips a ladder carrying a painter with his bucket of paint. The ladder topples, the bucket lands on a cyclist’s head who carries on (quite literally:) regardless. The banana skin alights on an eldery woman’s face: she stumbles, etc., etc…

By the time this series of accidents comes to a stop all of Bad Berleburg is topsy-turvy: The fire brigade cannot make its way to a house on fire, the animals have escaped from the zoo, there’s been a pile-up involving several cars, and a rescue helicopter is hovering above the town – pure anarchy. But this is a merry kind of chaos – for once things keep happening that usually „cannot be (done)“, there’s something astir, and it’s really nobody’s fault in particular. Things just follow an inexorable logic of their own.

Big fun for the kids, big and small alike!

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Further information

  • English (UK and Commonwealth), French, Chinese (Complex characters, except Mainland China, including Hong Kong and Macao), Dutch, Danish, Korean, Afrikaans and Portuguese (Brazil) rights sold.
  • All other rights available.
  • Please ask for English sample translation.
  • Also available as application for iPhone and iPad in German and English.

Lilli L'Arronge

Born Christine Goppel in 1979, Lilli L'Arronge studied Visual Communications at Weimar’s Bauhaus University and then moved to Münster to become an illustrator. Today she illustrates, designs and writes books for children and adults. And time permitting, makes the odd animated feature, sometimes even for television.

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