Big Hedgehog and Little Hedgehog Take an Evening Stroll

A lovely bedtime story that gets your kids ready for the night

In the evening Big Hedgehog and Little Hedgehog are on their way home. If only there wouldn’t be so much to see…

The small hedgehog really has to wait and look
before the sun goes down,
before it gets dark,
before they have seen the owl,
before the moon and the stars are rising
and so forth.

The walk gets longer and the way becomes more and more
beautiful. Until small hedgehog falls asleep and has to be carried
home by big hedgehog.

Take an Evening Stroll is a wonderful picture book about spending
time and enjoying things together, a book about nothing special,
but the intimate relationship of parents and children.

Britta Teckentrup’s great illustrations lend this classical children’s
book topic a very warm and especially gentle atmosphere!

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Further information

  • French, English, Chinese (Simplified and Complexe), Italien, Japanese, Korean, Dutch rights sold..
  • All other rights available.
  • Please ask for the english translation.

The artist

Britta Teckentrup, born in 1969 in Hamburg, studied Visual Arts in London. She is author and illustrator of many picture books as well as non-fiction
picture books and has received numerous awards. Her books have been translated into a lot of dierent languages. Today she lives in Berlin with her Scottish husband and her son Vincent.

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