Alfred, Elephant since 1932

How time flies

The year is 1932, when grandpa, with Emmi‘s help, creates Alfred, the beautiful elephant on wheels, out of a thick board and with lots of paint. Little Otto is supposed to pull him along behind him. When Otto is already 15, he passes Alfred on to Henne. She loves him very much, but has to leave him in the cellar when she need to flee for bombing raids. And after the war she does find Alfred again in the cellar of her bombed-out old house. But by then she is already too old for such a toy elephant. So she gives him to a younger child. Alfred is passed on from generation to generation of children and experiences the most amazing adventures. Until his 90th birthday in 2022, which is celebrated in style.

Kristina Heldmanns images are vibrant and full of fresh characters, that you can’t help but sympathize with! The lively illustrations and the clear text make history understandable for children.

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Further information

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The artist

Kristina Heldmann prefers to paint people, animals and nature with moving brushstrokes and fresh colours. She has been working as a freelance llustrator since graduated with a degree in visual arts from the Braunschweig
University of Arts in 2000. She lives in Berlin with her family and her dog.

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