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Die Füße im Feuer

The Feet in the Fire

The expressive collages done by picture book artist Jens Thiele have given the famous ballad The Feet in the Fire by Conrad Ferdinand Meyer almost a stage setting. Jens Thiele ...

Die große Transformation

The Great Transformation: Climate Change – Can we beat the Heat?

The progressing climate change cannot be denied. If our societies are supposed to function smoothly in fifty years’ time, we have to learn and practice sustainable living and management. For ...


The Nutcracker and the Mouse King

For this wonderful edition Sybil Gräfin Schönfeldt, the »Granddame« of literature, has carefully reworked E.T.A. Hoffmann’s 1816 fairy tale classic to make it more comprehensible for children today. And Sabine ...


What’s happening in front of my door?

20 stories by the best celebrating the 60th birthday of the German Youth Literature Award Edited by Stephanie Jentgens, illustrations by Aljoscha Blau The authors and their stories: Martin Baltscheid, ...

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