City Animals

Humans have been ousting animals from their natural habitats for decades. But the creatures are coming back and starting to invade the most human of all living spaces: the city.

Nadia Budde visualises this with a unique expertise. Her pictures are funny, cheeky and thought provoking at the same time and her texts are filled with warm humour and witty remarks. She introduces more than 50 of the new city dwellers. Some of them like rats, racoons, sparrows or squirrels live in many big cities. Others have predominantly chosen a special urban surrounding. For instance wild boars, that maraud through the suburbs of Berlin, foxes that stroll around London, the ravens have chosen Tokyo as their beloved new home and at times, flocks of starlings darken the sky of Rome. Animals plunder waste bins, they learn to make entirely new sounds in order to communicate despite the noise of the city or they build their nests from wire hangers. Sometimes they annoy the human citizens. More often, however, they please them with their message: You are not alone in the jungle of the city!

This most charming book is for children and adults alike, since children will enjoy the funny pictures and habits of the animals, whereas adults will be most amused to detect parallels between the animal world and that of their own …

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Further information

  • French rights sold.
  • All other rights available.

Nadia Budde

Nadia Budde, born 1967 in Berlin, was a window dresser before studying graphic arts at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin and at the Royal College of Art in London. Already her very first picture book „One Two Three Me“ won the German Youth Literature Award. Her following books have been awarded many prizes, too. Nadia Budde lives in Berlin with her family. Her books have been published in the United Kingdom, France and Spain.

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