A Short History of the Age of Information

In this book, Ernst Peter Fischer, best-selling author of Die andere Bildung, passes in review the rapid and fundamental changes our view of the world has undergone over the past sixty years. And he gives a summary explanation of why nowadays we have come to conceive of almost everything as information.

For the physicist the structure of atoms and molecules is information. A loss of information means a decay in order, a lesser state of the organisation of matter. According to biologists life tries to stem the the loss of order in matter by preserving and transmitting an increasing amount of information, either from cell to cell, or as genetic information from one organism to its successor. Ever since quantum physics made possible transistor technology which in its turn facilitated the construction of powerful computers, we have come to understand our own process of understanding as the transmission and storage of information quanta, i.e. bits. Wonder of wonders, our brain seems to function in the same way as the computers we have created and as our physical, chemical and biological environments. But as we know from history that there have been quite different perceptions of the world in the past, it is only too likely that our current view of the world will be replaced by one vastly different some time in the future.

Ernst Peter Fischer teaches the nation all it’s got to know about natural science. Die Zeit

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Ernst Peter Fischer

Ernst Peter Fischer born in Wuppertal in 1947, studied mathematics and physics in Cologne, and later biology at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, USA, graduating in 1977. He received a scholarship at the DFG for the history of science and now holds a chair for the history of science at the University of Constance. A bestselling author of such books as "Die andere Bildung", he has reaped several awards for his scientific publications.

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