The Morose One

Inspired by Bechstein’s poem Der Verdrüßliche (The Morose One) Axel Scheffler has added his own heart-rendingly funny illustrations which perfectly capture the mood of the title.

Much-read in his lifetime, Ludwig Bechstein is best-known today for his collection of legends and fairy-tales. A state of affairs which is shortly bound to change, though, now that Axel Scheffler has unearthed his delightful poem Der Vedrüßliche, and complemented it with his own illustrations, no less delightful, may I add. Here’s a chance to rediscover a most curmudgeonly gem of world literature, a perfect find to console us over the loss of the other poems!

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Der Verdrüßliche

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  • English world rights sold, all other rights available.

Axel Scheffler

Axel Scheffler, born in 1957, studied Art History in Hamburg, and then went to Corsham near Bath, in the UK, to study Graphic Arts. Besides illustrating picture books he also works for magazines and in advertising. Today Axel Scheffler counts among the foremost illustrators of children’s books and books for young adults worldwide. He lives in London with his family.

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