The Brave shall inherit the Future

All his life he’d been dreaming of following the call of the wild – so Yvonne Kuschell tells us – before he follows his wife-to-be into the safe haven of marriage instead. But then men and women are not suited to each other – soon enough wedlock ends in separation, longing gives way to disillusion, out of which new longing is born. What a never-ending muddle, this men business!

He was a shy, insecure man. I fell in love with him right away. A man who lives in an alien world, a man’s world. The woman realizes that she can’t overcome the estrangement between the two sexes. She knows she’ll have to leave him. But she’ll be missing him for a long time to come… Yvonne Kuschel tells the story of a separation, from the woman’s point of view, in sparse words complemented by impressive pictures, poetic, sad, yet with a touch of irony. „So, who invented parting?“ she asks towards the end. Yvone Kuschel’s ambiguous and affectionately mocking drawings are doodles, in the best sense of the word: weird, expressionistic, colourful, and a law unto themselves, making the most perfect sense on their very own terms. Katharina Kleppe, 3sat

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Die Zukunft gehört den Mutigen

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Yvonne Kuschel

Yvonne Kuschel, born in Dantzig in 1958, emigrated to the west in 1972. Following an itinerary which included Paderborn, Bielefeld, Nuremberg, Hamburg and Berlin, she settled in Leipzig in 2003, along with her family. She held the post of "Municipal Draughtswoman of Nuremberg", and was awarded the Kulturpreis of the City of Bielefeld. Today she is a professor for drawing and illustration at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig.

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