A beautiful Mum and Cake make a perfect Pair

Where does this traffic jam lead to? What’s the use of a moustache? Such philosophical children’s questions have been collected by Thomas Müller and provided with sympathetic illustrations which are no less amazing than those statements and questions out of the mouths of babes and sucklings.

Riding a bicycle in the rain is really quite old-fashioned – that’s the kind of quaint children’s utterance that states a home truth. And kids move with the times, as Thomas Müller can readily attest – witness his little son Lucas Göhlich whose best questions and statements Mr. Müller has collected verbatim, and provided with rather literal illustrations. His son’s philosophizing doesn’t even baulk at tackling eschatology: Once you’re dead you can’t fall ill any more. Many people don’t know this. That’s why they’re afraid of dying.

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Zu einer schönen Mama gehört Kuchen

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Thomas M. Müller

Thomas M. Müller, born in 1966, studied at the HGB in Leipzig and at the Schule der Gestaltung (School of Design) in Lucerne. In 2005 he became a professor at his Alma Mater in Leipzig. Besides illustrating books, he has also designed posters, cartoons and graphics. An artist of international renown, expositions of his works have been held in Warsaw, Moscow, Mexico City, Venice, Paris, New York and Tokyo, to name but a few.

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