The Persian Cookery Book

On her travels from Isfahan over Schiras to Teheran, Gabi Kopp explored the secrets of Persian Cuisine: She visited housewives, street merchants, chefs, barbeque masters, bakers, a wedding party and picnicking families and was let in on their favourite recipes.

Persian cuisine as we know it today draws on hundreds of years of tradition and has maintained its unique style throughout a number of social changes. Its signature qualities are the delicious scent of saffron, supreme rice dishes, the combination of sweet-and-sour, of meat and fruit and, of course, the extremely artful preparation and decoration of food.

On her rambles through Iran’s different cities, Gabi Kopp visited various cooks in their kitchens, made drawings of them and learned about their best recipes first hand. Her expressive illustrations bring the beauty of Persian cuisine to life.

The book includes a detailed index and a glossary.

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  • Persian right sold, all other rights available.

Gabi Kopp

Gabi Kopp, born in Lucerne in 1958, studied at that city’s Hochschule für Design und Kunst (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts) as well as at London’s St. Martin’s College of Art. She was a founder member of the co-operative restaurant "Widder" in Lucerne, where she worked as a cook for four years. These past twenty years she has been working as an illustrator and cartoonist for the likes of Annabelle, NZZ, and many others. In 2009 the city and canton of Lucerne awarded her a prize for her project of an illustrated cookery book about Istanbul's cuisine, the future "Istanbul Cookery Book".

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