The Oriental Cook Book

Delicious Orient!

In this very personal book Ulrike Plessow presents the recipes of her cosmopolitan family. Together with his sister and their parents, Plessow’s husband Özgür Tatlıcı grew up in Berlin and Antakya, that special city in the southeast of Turkey with its large Arabic population. His grandparents on his mother’s side had a bakery; the grandparents on his father’s side were confectioners and sold their fritters on the streets of Antakya.

Ulrike Plessow has successfully persuaded her mother-in-law Kahire to share 60 of her best recipes as well as her most beautiful family stories with us: Besides the sinfully delicious sweets that gave the Tatlıcı family its name (Tatlıcı means “maker of sweets“) there are numerous mezze such as wonderful pastes and salads, savoury soups and stews, meat, fish and vegetable dishes as well as a multitude of the pastries for which Oriental cuisine has a reputation.

For her illustrations, Annegret Ritter has taken up traditional Oriental decors and has portrayed the dishes so appetizingly and appealingly that it will make your mouth water.


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Further information

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The Authors

Kahire Tatlıcı comes from a baker’s family and by now delights four generations of Tatlıcıs with her cooking and baking. Her son Özgür Tatlıcı has inherited the culinary gene and is specialized in vegetarian Arabic-Turkish cuisine. His wife Ulrike Plessow has worked as a PR-consultant in the book industry for over 20 years.

The Illustrator

Annegret Ritter, born in 1964, studied toy design at Burg Giebichenstein. After the German reunification she travelled extensively before settling in Hessen. Since then she has been working freelance as an illustrator, graphic designer and teaches classes for children and teenagers.

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