The Japan Cookery Book

Kenichi Kusano presents foolproof family-recipes that anyone can make. All the ingredients are readily available outside Japan, and the cooking methods are kept simple and straightforward. The book includes an entertaining introduction to the country’s culture and cuisine, a comprehensive glossary and 80 or so recipes organized according to the four seasons.

Japanese cuisine offers not only sushi, but also such exciting dishes as wintermelon-soup, eggplant salad with sesame soy sauce or stuffed squid. In this book Kenichi Kusano has not only collected typical Japanese family-recipes that are easy to cook. But he also tells us insightful and quaint stories about the culinary peculiarities of Japan. One of them is for instance the old tradition of Nagashi Sõmen where hot noodles run down a bamboo pipe through streaming cold water of a rivulet … Tian Tang’s blissfully dreamy and idyllic illustrations, in which traditional and modern Asian art mingle, enrich the culinary celebration with a fest for the eyes.

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Das Japan-Kochbuch

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Kenichi Kusano

Kenichi Kusano, born in 1974 in Tokio, came to Hamburg in 1998 where he studied Visual Communication at the University of Fine Arts, Hamburg. Today he works as freelance translator, illustrator and comic artist. Nearly every week, the passionate cook exchanges recipes with his mother in Japan.

Tian Tang

Tian Tang, born 1980 in Wuhan, came to Germany in 1999. She studied Visual Communication at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg. The freelance illustrator is married to Kenichi Kusano.

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