The Cookery Almanac

Cooking great meals on 365 days a year, but with minimal effort – sounds like a marvellous idea, doesn’t it? This book offers fresh ideas for all kinds of meals, keeping a constant eye on the change of the seasons, not forgetting the kids nor those special occasions, either. No less importantly, it marshalls the culinary year, planning ahead for you, and helps you to avoid unnecessary labour. And last not least this book is equally beautiful and practical.

In this novel kind of cookery book recipes are arranged and interlinked in a way which allows you to re-cook certain ingredients and incorporate dishes or components into next or next-but-one day’s meals. This way you can have a different meal each day without having to cook everything anew, day after day after day. You can also choose any international recipe that might take your fancy, look for creative ideas on how to make use of what’s left in your fridge, try some regional recipes, or use it, indeed, on a day-by-day basis. The Cookery Almanac is fun to use and peruse because the option to dish up something healthy, yet delicious, varying from day to day, becomes a pleasure, rather than a chore, as is so often the case. Easy-to-handle chapter headings and a generous index make for great versatility and provide a ready survey. Magdalene Krumbeck’s illustrations make browsing among the recipes a twofold pleasure and give the book that extra something which makes it a great gift as well.

Among others, Rose Marie Donhauser’s books have reaped the following awards:

• 2006 Silver Medal of the Gastronomische Akademie Deutschlands
• 2005 Gourmand World Cookbook Award
• 2003 Gourmand World Cookbook Award
• 2003 Swiss Goldlorbeeren

A number of books by Magdalene Krumbeck have already reaped the Schönstes Buch Award.

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Further information

  • Recipe ideas for 365 days
  • Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2008
  • All rights available.

Rose Marie Donhauser

Rose Marie Donhauser, born in 1959, grew up in a Bavarian country inn. After training as a cook at the Munich Hilton and the Brussels Hyatt Regency she became a food and beverage manager. Since 1988 she has written numerous cookery books, and is a renowned food journalist and restaurant tester.

Magdalene Krumbeck

Magdalene Krumbeck, born in 1956, studied illustration. She is a distinguished illustrator and book designer and works for renowned publishing houses.

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